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recruitment savvy…
Recruitment savvy focuses on the international mid & senior level management market place. With a natural focus on international companies setting up or already residing in the Netherlands. The corporate office spectrum that we cover is general management, finance & accounting, sales & marketing, project management & operations. We are not limited to a specific industry and our recruitment solutions are tailor made to individual organizations and specific requirements whether short or long term, permanent or interim.
HR savvy…
HR Savvy provides Human Resources Services throughout the Netherlands and equally provides support to larger businesses who require HR consultancy support for specific projects from change management and reorganizations to growth and operational adaptation of such growth. We are specialists in helping foreign investors and international companies setting up a base for international trade in the Netherlands. Our goal is to provide integrated, sustainable solutions in every challenge your Company may face in an increasingly ever changing economic climate.  One of our guiding principles is to provide high quality yet cost effective solutions to employment related challenges.
Finance Savvy
Finance Savvy is the very latest additional to our Savvy Ecosystem, and is focused on outsourced Financial Solutions, such as Financial Administration, Financial Control and Outsourced Financial Professionals.
We have a reputation for quality, integrity and transparency and encouraging innovation resulting from building relationships with our clients based on trust and mutual respect. Our collaborative, fresh and determined approach enables us to provide valuable solutions to even the most complex problems, becoming your strategic business partner in the Netherlands.